AI Software Development
and ML Services

Delivering AI and ML Development Services to enhance your business impact
We help you navigate the digital disruption risks and become more resilient with our AI and Machine Learning development services.

We help you navigate the digital disruption risks and become more resilient with our AI and Machine Learning development services.

Natural Language Processing

Whether through voice or text, our NLP specialists can help your company better use language data, from processing to sentiment analysis. There are vast applications of NLP in the digital world. A few of them are text analysis, text-to-speech, translation, and transcription.

AI-powered Mobile & Web Apps

As part of Continuous Net’s AI and ML Services, we develop mobile applications powered by AI and ML. Our AI & ML developers can enhance your existing mobile apps’ efficiency, personalisation, and intelligence. We utilise machine learning to provide enterprise search so you can find answers faster.

Predictive Analytics

Our experts develop proprietary models for customised recommendations, churn forecasting, dynamic pricing, fraud detection, and sentiment analysis. For countless analytical options, select from our range of robust and scalable software and industry-leading big data technology.

Deep Learning

We utilise the finest practices of Deep Learning to build reliable and scalable solutions.Our Deep Learning solutions simplify applications like natural language processing, speech recognition, and image recognition. Make the most of Deep Learning applications by ContinuousNet.

Computer Vision

We provide tech solutions for accurate pose estimation, image recognition, and visual search to empower your company. Our computer vision experts specialise in developing software that enable computers to acquire, operate, process, analyse, and understand digital images or video.

AI Chatbot

We create intelligent AI apps that interact with humans through touch sensing, voice recognition, language and programmed decisions. Our AI developers build chatbots specifically built to your business’s needs and install them on our platform using the appropriate framework.

Generative AI

We craft software solutions which harness the power of Generative AI. These solutions create new content and ideas, including conversations, stories, images, videos and music. Powered by Large language models, Generative AI solutions are pretrained on copious amounts of data. Reinvent your applications and create never-seen-before customer experiences.

OpenAI Codex

We build efficient Codex-based applications that automate tasks and create efficient workflows. Our experienced team of codex specialists can be relied upon for complete integration and development of custom OpenAI solutions which stand out against competition.

ChatGPT App

We develop ‘smart’ solutions which are capable of being creative, humanlike and innovative. We achieve this by integrating Dalle-E, ChatGPT, Codex, and other artificial intelligent technologies provided by OpenAI. We also provide efficient consultancy services for the integration of these technologies.



Long term collaboration
Highly scalable team
Team ownership
Dedicated working center

Time & material

Short-medium term collaboration
Low scalable team
Detailed specifications
Clean deadlines

Fixed cost

Short-long term collaboration
Flexible budget and timeframe
Complete control over the process
Highly scalable team
Growing sales
Increasing consumer satisfaction
Providing unique digital services
Enhancing existing business services
Automation of business processes

Step 1


Consultation & Requirement Gathering, Market & Competitor’s Research & Goal Definition

Step 2

Design & Prototype

Product Architecture & Design, Prototype, MVP & Wireframes

Step 3


Functional Implementation, Software Coding, & Optimization

Step 4


Quality Assurance, Touble-Shooting, & Testing

Step 5


Launch, Beta Live, & Live

Step 6


Performance Evaluation, & Analytics Implementation

Step 7


Monitoring, Feedback, Analysis, & Complete Support
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