Product Team Extension

Product Team Extension Service

ContinuousNet’s Team product extension services stand out for their reliability and quality service. Each business client availing this service gets advantages of both inhouse developers and outsourced developers. ContinuousNet helps companies craft a highly skilled team of software experts in sync with tech team dynamics and the latest technological advancements in the IT industry.

Our company is known for its rich corporate culture, exceptional teamwork and quick onboarding process of the extended teams. Businesses particularly the ones looking for specific tech talent or are facing a lack of specific expertise in-house and can’t find the right talent locally, should visit our website to know all about our product team extension services.

We deliver project extension services to organizations ranging from startups, ISV’s, software consulting companies to enterprise-grade organizations. Our project team extension services and IT staff augmentation options provided by the product developer team are best in class and provide a wide range of benefits.

  • Access to global access pools
  • Hiring on requirement basis and saving in the process
  • Faster time to market your software product
  • Seamless integration of specialized tech talent at any stage of your software development lifecycle


Long term collaboration
Highly scalable team
Team ownership
Dedicated working center

Time & material

Short-medium term collaboration
Low scalable team
Detailed specifications
Clean deadlines

Fixed cost

Short-long term collaboration
Flexible budget and timeframe
Complete control over the process
Highly scalable team